Orchestrating Multiple Tournaments

Is there any callbacks that is fired after all of the tournaments reset hook is called?

Use case for a weekly tiered tournaments that ends, at the end of tournament, user would move up / down a tier. Info of which tournament for that user that could be entered is stored in a bookkeeping storage owned by system.

For simplicity, let’s say it’s only store the tournament name (in reality there is many little things that would filter which tournament id user could be entered in, by their userdata level, or for segmenting customer / non customer tournaments).
Bookkeeping storage data would be
“bronze” : 0,


We only create 1 tournament for each tier in the shape of week_tier_number, with that info tournament would be in the form of week_49_bronze_0

If tournament is full, subsequent join of user would create a new tournament week_49_bronze_1, and then update the bookkeeping storage

What we want to do is at the end of tournaments reset schedule

  1. After all tournament ends and rewards distributed we move players tier
  2. Delete all tournaments
  3. Recreate only one tournament only for each tier.
  4. Update the bookkeeping storage to default
  5. Then new user would join that new tournament for this week

Can’t seem to find a way to do that form of orchestrating, what would other games usually do for this?

bumping on this thread, anyone?

@cloudAle Things will be a bit slower on the forums until the new year. We’re all on holidays for Christmas and New Year. :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to find a way to do that form of orchestrating, what would other games usually do for this?

I need a bit more information to help with your use case. Would it be right to describe your design requirements as the same as a league system with tournaments used to limit the join count per leaderboard? or is it more like what are sometimes called “bucketed leaderboards” / “cohort leaderboards”?

Thanks for replying @novabyte

generally it would be a tiered-league system, but we’d like to also cohort users based on their purchase in the tournament.

The flow for joining the limited tournament is already fleshed out, if user joins a full tournament it would create a new tier tournament based on the last bookkeeping id data on storage.

We’d already succeed in doing this by setting the id on storage to 0 when any tournament is reset regardless of which tournaments reset fired first, subsequent tournament that is reset would check the storage first, if the id is already 0 then it will do nothing. I’m wondering if there’s a way not to do that but what we have now is fine.

Thanks again, happy holiday and chrismast for nakama team, cheers to a great 2021 for your team!