Game crashes in Unreal Engine Editor and in android while reading objects from Nakama

Hey guys so we are trying to read multiple objects at the same time and it is crashing the unreal engine editor when played so we added delay function in between each functions which we named as “GetFromNakama” and it resolved the issue but we face some crash in android only but it is not happening in windows or in unreal engine editor. I have attached the snaps of the blueprint below. I guess the crash is because of multi threading. if anyones have any idea on how to solve this issue please let us know any help would be appreciated

If you see in the snap we have used the getfromnakama inside a widget bp it is crashing exactly at that node even if we add delay on both ends it is still crashing. If someone finds a sollution help us

This is the GetFromNakama node source code

Read and success delegate

Hey @iroidhdr we are accepting community contributions to make our blueprints plugin handle the type of multithreading scenarios you are hoping for.

Is there any temporary solution that we can do to fix the issue right now? as we are in a heist anything would be appreciated

Is your client defined in gameInstance with UPROPERTY() macro?


Hey. Could you provide error logs of where it crashes?

Hey guys the unreal engine editor crash issue is solved by adding delay between each read and we also handled the each read asynchronously and the android crash was fortunately not because of nakama it was because of VictoryPlugin it doesn’t support android platform and we used this plugin inside the nakama blueprints which was causing the error that’s why we all were confused anyhow it took us long time to discover what exactly is causing the error and fortunately we fixed everything and replaced the victory plugin also. Thanks everyone for their contributions

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