Failed friend requests with usernames containing white spaces

When adding friend requests in Godot 4.0 stable using the latest godot-4 nakama godot branch,
usernames including a whitespace character result in an error message like
Unable to parse request # response. JSON error: 43, response code: 400

For example,
NakamaClient.add_friends_async(session, ["SomeRandomUsername"]) works, but
NakamaClient.add_friends_async(session, ["Some Random Username"]) does not, and results in the before mentioned error message.

Any idea if this is an SDK or a server issue or ways to fix this would be really helpful :slight_smile:

This seems to be an issue in the Godot-3.x master branch aswell, one easy way to fix this would be to replace every whitespace character " " with a “+” in the uri for the http request.