Facebook friend import error

Hi guys.

I have a problem while load facebook friend with nakama server.

(1) code
→ here is the code I using : I am using typescript.
await client.importFacebookFriends(token, reset);

(2) result
→ when I using that code or code like below
Client.authenticateFacebook(accessToken, true, “username”, true)

The server-side shows this error

“cannot unmarshal object into Go struct field FacebookProfile.data.picture of type string”

I am using nakama version : 3.4.0+9a295bde

and I don’t know how to solve it.:frowning:

Anyone can help me?

@Gandangf I’d suggest you upgrade to the latest Nakama (3.11.0) and retry, if the problem persists please open an issue on Github with all the relevant information.

After upgrading, the server side error no longer appears. However, an error occurs on the client side and the friend list cannot be loaded.

Could it be a problem with cocos-creator SDK?

We are using Facebook api version 13.0, is there a version difference?

스크린샷 2022-05-17 오후 5.58.31