Events Processing

Are there any news when we could expect to be able to process events in Lua?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Eatos. There is a limitation in the way Lua VMs work vs the performance requirements/guarantees required by the Nakama event buffer. The events still can be pushed from any supported runtime including Lua but we don’t have a plan to add support for Lua event processing due to this limitation. Hence event processors will have to be written in Go for the foreseeable future.

So, if i dont want to bother with it ( learning GO and working with it ), alternative could be to implement analytics sending using thrid party such as deltadna, or something like that, and invoking calls with standard requests and/or through client.

same for javascript?

Yes, the javascript VM runtime is very similar to that of Lua from the point of view of the server - it’s very tricky to provide reasonable guarantees around something as generic as event processing especially when each event is likely to be sent over the network to some external service. It would require a rather large pool of VM completely separate from the farily slim pool used for handling the RPCs.

Do you have a very complex event processing requirement which is why you’d prefer to write it in Lua or simply you don’t want to manage 2 different plugins (one in Go for event processing and one in Lua for the rest of your game server logic) ?