Go and Lua communication on the same server

We have a fairly complex feature we developed as lua modules, and need access to that from a go feature. Is it OK to do local http rpc calls to the registered runtime, from go to lua or vice versa? We are trying to avoid having to recreate the same functionality in go to keep it in that domain.

We have an achievement system built in lua that is checked everytime a user scores or does something that could satisfy an achievement. Most of our game features are developed in lua but a few of them had to be in golang because of various concerns - accessing additional databases etc. But we’d like these go game features to access lua and use the existing achievement system and returning info via http/json to the go module. Is this a terrible idea?

just bumping this. Looking for some advice before we go down this path and find this solution doesn’t scale or there’s some other issue doing this. Thanks.

Yep there is no way to cross access functions natively - if you need to do it, you’ll need to do it over the loopback address.