Docs need update for group join

In Groups and Clans section of docs says: " The user will receive an [in-app notification] when they’ve been added to the group. In a private group an admin or superadmin will receive a notification when a user has requested to join.". I created a group and want to join it but i didn’t receive any notification then i checked the api_group.go and there is no sign of notification creating. Should i create notification manualy?

Hi there - I think this was resolved as a bug in a more recent releases of Nakama. Can you confirm you are using the latest version of Nakama server (v2.10.0) ?

@SinaZK As Mo mentioned this was resolved in the 2.7.0 release of the server quite a while ago. I’ve just checked the behaviour and had no problems in the server. What version do you use?

You can find the server version with ./nakama --version or look at the server logs.

Yes I updated the server to 2.10 and it solved the problem. tnx.