Issue on receiving notification for not joined channel messages

When two players connect to Nakama for the first time and want to start Direct Chat using JoinChatAsync , the other player receives a notification with code -1, and everything works as expected.
However, if both players join the Direct Chat and start exchanging messages, and then player B disconnects from the Nakama server and reconnects while player A remains connected, player B will stop receiving messages and notifications with code -1 from player A. This behavior is not expected, and it disrupts the normal flow of communication in the Direct Chat.
The direct chat between player A & player B will back to normal when player B tries to send player A or player A disconnect and reconnect back.
How to avoid this and receive notification with code -1 in this situation?

Hey @mrez9 I’m not fully following why either player should be receiving a code of -1 if both are online and in the chat. Are you saying you are connecting with appearOnline=false initially, and then disconnecting and reconnecting? Are you rejoining the chat after reconnecting?

I think showing an example of your code to illustrate your problem would help.

hey @lugehorsam, thanks for your reply.
no i don’t use appearOnline=false, everything works perfect on both online and in the chat, but when one of users disconnect and reconnect (assume Player B), while another user is still online (assume Player A).
in this situation after reconnection of player B, player A sends message to player B but player B doesn’t receive neither the message or notification code -1.

Are you rejoining the chat after reconnecting?

I don’t think code can help but i can provide it if you want.

Sharing code that illustrates your issue would help. Thanks.