Design thoughts around creating user accounts for NPCs so they can interact with Nakama features

Howdy folks,

Super interested to hear what the Nakama team / game devs on the forum might think about creating user accounts in Nakama for NPCs so that they can interact straight away with the many features that Nakama offers (chat, leaderboards, friends etc).

I’m creating a pilot for a theatre experience with an interactive digital component (a game using Nakama). It runs for 1 week, and across that time Players can interact with NPCs to change the outcome of the In Real Life theatre component.

Secretly, we’ll also want to give special control of the NPCs to actors who can respond to Player decisions / chat messages more spontaneously. Thinking of testing the pilot with no more than 25 NPCs.

Of course Nakama seems to make the above possible. So I’m not asking about feasibility. More interested in:

What design opportunties an approach like this could hold? Also any watchouts or limitations?


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Sorry I don’t have much technical advice to contribute. I just wanted to say this sounds awesome!

Here it is if anyone would like to try :slight_smile:

Check out DIGIDAMARA :slight_smile:

Hi @gradiustheguide, thanks for sharing the link, it sounds like a very interesting project. We’re keen to see how this goes. :slightly_smiling_face: