Dedicated server sending private messages to players

what would be the preferred way for dedicated server to send private persistent messages?

We want the server to be able to send private messages to connected players, triggered by some progress being made in the game. Does the server need to join all these private channels or is there a way to send a message to a private channel without joining it? And how could we handle if the player changes a server/the server crashes?

Thank you!

Hi Riki; No the server doesn’t have to join a private channel, but just needs to know the channel ID (or be able to derive it).

You’ll need to create a server-to-server RPC to be invoked from your dedicated server into Nakama, passing in payload like channel ID and the message itself. In the Nakama RPC, you can then construct and send an in-game chat message to all players in that channel. The players will need to have joined that channel prior to receiving messages.

Some helpful links:

That sounds good, thank you for suggestion and for the links Mo :slight_smile: