Dedicated server + client chat solution

Hello :slight_smile:

This is a slight continuation of my previous question:

but since it was answered a few months ago, I didn’t want to bring it back to life.

We plan to use our dedicated server to send messages to clients, and we are wondering if private channels are really the best solution for this and if rooms wouldn’t be better. The thought occurred when we realized that to join a private channel, you need two valid userIDs. Here are some details about the messages:

  • There’s going to be multiple of those channels for each user (they represent certain NPCs).
  • It’s a one-sided conversation, and users won’t be able to answer in any of these channels.
  • There’s always going to be only one user in the channel.

We thought about creating accounts for all the vendors so they have a valid userID that could be used by the user to join the private chat, but we won’t be able to automate this process when a new NPC is possibly added, so that’s not a way we want to go.

Thank you!

Hi @Riki; I think you can use Rooms as you you’ve described, and probably mark the messages as non-persistent as well. You can alternatively send “notifications” to the users as well from the dedicated servers; it all depends on your intentions of what these messages actually are. Both are valid and do-able.