Creating items for economy

So I am starting to make a checklist for Nakama if it fullfills all the basic requirements for a backend solution for my game. I am a Unity developer, so C# the language I understand, professionally Java is my native choice. I stuck on a big issue here about setting up the inventory system and items, that will be acquired with in-game currency and then exchanged.
I want to (pre)define in the database all the items for a type, that exist:

  • 20 different swords
  • 20 different armors
  • 10 bows
  • rings…

All these items has some attributes: like additional HP they give, armor points, attack etc. If I had my own database I would create an “item” table to store this information. But how is that handled in Nakama? Imagine having 300 different item types… Then, when I list and distribute that items I can just use the IDs from the table to work with them, not play with the whole object that every item represents… Not to speak about upgrading that items. So how are these issues handled in Nakama?
(I don’t mind directly connecting to the database and creating a table and directly inject the data there, but I think that’s not the recommended way)

Hello @tetsubo,

If I’m interpreting your question correctly, you want to know how to design the item’s catalog and how it will relate to players’ inventory. If so I think this answer is what you are looking for Player Inventory implemented as Collection objects - #4 by zyro

I hope it helps