Client connection protocol requirments

Apologies if this is documented somewhere but I couldn’t find a conclusive answer so could someone confirm what I think is correct?

We have a primary game written in Unity and client apps written in Android and iOS native. I think that Unity, Android and iOS all need to use the gRPC port but is that true? Can the Client optionally connect with either protocol on all platforms?

Nakama is being used mostly for its storage engine and auth so there wont be much load and no need for streaming.

thanks for your time

Hello @toby,

Can you please clarify which SDKs are you currently using and what are their versions?

We are doing a GameSparks migration (yes I know theres no time :wink: so at this point we just need to auth and make RPC calls using Unity, Android and iOS. None of the rest of the functionality is critical and we are using the latest versions of everything.

The Android docs are clear that gRPC is required. The iOS swift client is out of date and undocumented but it also seems to need gRPC but no idea if it could run on http api.

The Unity examples use the http api port but again can it use http or gRPC?

I have managed to get gRPC routed correctly on aws so this question is less important. I was wondering if i could bypass my gRPC setup problems but not doing it and making all the clients use http.

We are doing a GameSparks migration, so using the latest versions of the server and client libs. For the ios client we are using the swift client on the heroic github and upgraded the deps until it would build successfully.

Like I said the game only really needs to make RPC calls to nakama so much of the client lib functionality is not needed at this point.