ChatGPT cannot access the forum or Nakama documentation

None of the client libraries or server framework documentation pages are accessible to ChatGPT, this drastically increases the hurdle to learn and use Nakama as it means me and other newbies have to manually search through the documentation with limited understanding.

Thanks for pinging this our way. Do you know what it takes to make ChatGPT consume our documentation? Are there meta tags we need to add to the site? (The docs site is made with Hugo with a custom theme).

Hi @mofirouz, from what I know, ChatGPT uses Bing as it’s search engine, maybe there is something Bing specific that’s not in the meta tags: Bing Webmaster Tools

I hope this helps, I’m no seo master by any means hahaha

Looks like the forum is index-able, but the /docs url isn’t:

The first three links it try’s to access are all from /docs: Nakama server side module JavaScript tutorial - Search

Thanks @T0RR1N for pointing this out. The /docs now seem to be indexed by Bing, but I can’t confirm that it works with ChatGPT as they’ve disable the Browse with Bing feature. Will check again once that’s available :+1:

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