Can Nakama share content?

I’ve made a puzzle game with built in editor with Godot.
Can I use Nakama to make the following:

  1. Upload user generated content (JSON) from client to server and
  2. download (server to client) to show everybody user made puzzles (like the steam workshop) or make “puzzle of the day” feature?

Am I right to think other things like feature usage tracker (e.g. how many puzzles user played during session) is easy to make?

Do you know a game with user generated content that uses Nakama to manage it?

@az00 Hi! Everything you’ve described could be achieved using Nakama’s storage feature.

  1. Designate a collection for users to upload content to. The key name might be a level/map/content name, and the value can contain the generated data/metadata. Make sure to set the appropriate permissions when writing the object.
  2. Same as above, but clients might list storage objects looking for content created by other users.

Usage tracker and user stats is a common pattern. You can either use a storage object only that particular user can write to, or store this in user metadata.


There are solutions like Heroku, Firebase and PlayFab, but they seem too advanced for my needs and will require a lot more time to learn them.
Then there is a Godot-only solution SilentWolf but looks like it is too limited and is lacking active development, community and support.

Thank you for the answer. Seems like Nakama is the solution for my needs!