Can I list matches with players?

I can list match from server or client side but I only get match id, label, size and authoritative details. Can I get player details inside of game? If I join this game, yes I can get presence details but I wanna details before entering the table. I wanna create a lobby, listing all active matches.

For example, 2 player playing in X time and I wanna join their game (spectator) but I need to know who playing at this table? For this reason I need player details such as display name, profile url, chips etc.


@volvox To expose information about the match which you want players to see and or search on you can embed it into the match label:

This way it can be viewed in match listings and also searched over when listing matches on the server. This info is returned in the IApiMatch.Label field which can be decoded from JSON.

Thank you, I will try it.