Is it possible to use Match Listing with Client Relayed Multiplayer?


Also if this is possible, can the matches shown also be controlled? so players may be able to join but they need the code… so assuming on creating this kind of match, the host decides to make it ‘private’

It’s not really private BUT is it possible to prevent it from showing up in the match listing?

Thank you!

you can use match labels to indicate that it is private. (your client then can decide to show it or not)

If i understand you correctly, you want to restrict joining with entering a password, this is a case where you would use authorative matchmaking. Then, use the match-join-attempt method, to allow or deny joining requests (submitting the password via the join-request params/metadata) - see here

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The match labels is what I was looking for, thanks! Seems I will go with an authoritative server instead