can I create team tournaments like Toon Blast game


I want to create a team tournament system just like toon blast for my game. Toon blast tournaments are based on following rules (I copied the rules/requirements from this link)

  • Teams can compete against other teams in the Team Tournament by collecting stars from the levels for a huge reward! The teams with the top scores in the Team Tournament will receive the reward after it ends!
  • Players must be in a team to participate.
  • Teams must have at least 10 players to join a Team Tournament.
  • Each tournament group consists of 10 teams which are on similar levels.
  • The team score is determined by the amount of stars collected from the levels by all players on the team during the Team Tournament.
  • The top 5 teams will receive a reward. Prizes shown on the tournament page are the total team prizes. These prizes will be divided by 50.
  • Players that are kicked from the team or leave the team will have their stars removed from the team score.

At a high level, to achieve something similar with in Nakama you could use the following features:


Groups to manage the teams.

To distribute rewards you’d register a tournament end hook with some custom code to calculate the winning teams.

You could use notifications to let the client know the reward was received.

To remove the stats for a kicked player you’ll need to keep the submitted scores somewhere, this could be done in the group’s metadata, make sure to clear this out when a tournament ends. An after hook in groupUsersKick and groupUserLeave can be used to check whether the user is part of a group and ongoing tournament, then remove his last score from an ongoing Tournament.

Also have a look at our tutorials and guides for more examples and see how to implement some match handlers.