Can a player who's been kicked from a match rejoin?

Hi there, I had a quick question on how matchKick() works.
It says in the documentation it removes a participant from the match, but does it also handle when a user reconnects and needs to be denied from to the game?
Does the match keep track somewhere all users that have been kicked? or is this pure a function to force disconnect a user?

Then if a user is kicked, is there a way to listen to it on the client? or is it different as an onDisconnect event?

Hi @Aaron no it does not prevent that user from joining the match using the match id.

Can you share more about how your players create and join matches?

If you are using matchmaking, kicked users would not be able to re-join an active match using matchmaking. If you are using match listing for players to find matches, you will need to add logic to prevent kicked players re-joining.