Removed from matchmaking pool after 10 sec

when user start a match through this:
“await socket.AddMatchmakerAsync(query, minCount, maxCount)”
after 10 sec no player for matchmaking and we remove the user from pool through this:
“await socket.RemoveMatchmakerAsync(matchmakerTicket);”
it causes issue on JoinMatchAsync. please guide.

Can you actually explain what this issue is? Based on the information you’ve given so far it could be pretty much any problem.

we want to create match with rpc function if no opponent found through a matchmaker query within a 5 seconds.
(“await socket.AddMatchmakerAsync(query, minCount, maxCount)”)

if no opponent found we want player kickout from matchmaking pool.

we implement some strategy but facing some problem like
player comes out from above matchmaking query after 5 sec

I see, you want to cancel the matchmaking process if no match is found after some amount of time.

The server currently doesn’t expose functions for you to do this in the runtime. You should cancel it from the client using await socket.RemoveMatchmakerAsync(ticket) and either submit a new request with different parameters or place the player into a game with bots, whatever is most appropriate for your use case.