C++ Source Won't Build on Windows, Missing Boost Libraries

Hi there,

I’m having a heck of a time getting Nakama Source to build on Windows.

I’ve downloaded and installed all the prerequisites. As far as third party libraries, the only one that isn’t a git submodule is Boost.

Per Boost Getting Started On Windows, I download boost. Unzipped it to C:\boost. Ran boostrap.bat and .\b2. It reported success. I added “C:\Boost\boost_1_77_0\bin.v2” to my PATH.

I tried using Boost v1.69, and then the latest v1.77. I ran into the same issue in both cases. Missing system, date_time, and regex libraries.

Per the build directions, I set the path to Boost as a “BOOST_ROOT” system variable.


I also tried setting “BOOST_ROOT” to c:\boost\boost_1_77_0. But get the same error. I get that error even if I remove BOOST_ROOT from system variables entirely.

Has anybody else had any luck building Nakama Source on Windows? If so, can you please provide some additional details about how you set up Boost?

Thank you!

I solved this one…

Installing Boost is non-trivial. I had to follow the series of steps outlined in section 5.2.
Section 5.1 “simplified build from source” does not work, apparently. At least it doesn’t do what the Nakama build script is expecting. But the steps in section5.2 worked for me.