Building my game on Linux fails with undefined reference to `__cxa_init_primary_exception'

Hi! We’re trying to build our game for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android after adding Nakama to it.
I downloaded the pre-built Linux libs from github (nakama-cpp-sdk_2.5.1_linux.7z from Releases · heroiclabs/nakama-cpp · GitHub) and tried them in our project but get errors like this:

nakama-cpp-sdk/libs/linux/x64/libcpprest.a(ws_client.cpp.o): In function web::websockets::client::details::websocket_client_task_impl::close_pending_tasks_with_error(web::websockets::client::websocket_exception const&)': ws_client.cpp:(.text+0x161d): undefined reference to __cxa_init_primary_exception’
ws_client.cpp:(.text+0x1692): undefined reference to `std::__exception_ptr::exception_ptr::exception_ptr(void*)’

We build the Linux version of our game with CPP_FLAGS= -std=c++14 - perhaps that’s not compatible with how the Nakama libs are built? At least this looks like different standard libraries being used.

Any help will be much appreciated.