C++ SDK crash on createDefaultClient


I have installed the nakama c++ library from here Releases · heroiclabs/nakama-cpp · GitHub and linked it to my project with cmake. But I have the problem that the code auto client = Nakama::createDefaultClient(params); crashes with error “bad allocation”. This is on windows. When I try it with macOS it crashes at the third call of rtClient->tick() due to EXC_BAD_ACCESS.
What could this be?

Now I get this with 2.5:

Hey @CaptainWhale we’re working on a new release that should resolve the issue you are seeing with version 2.6.0

@lugehorsam and when will this be fixed?

Hello @CaptainWhale,

The release is planned to happen in the upcoming days, hopefully, this week.

Here’s the release: Release v2.7.0 · heroiclabs/nakama-cpp · GitHub