Automatically included index whether include create_time

Base on doc: Storage Search - Heroic Labs Documentation

there are 4 list build-in index

  • update_time
  • key
  • user_id
  • version

may i aks whether the create_time already include in that list?

because I see the source code ::

seem like include all these field or what i understand is wrong and only those 4 fields?


  1. Versions: Nakama {3.5}, {Windows, Mac, Linux binary or Docker}, {client library (SDK) and version}
  2. Server Framework Runtime language (If relevant) {Go, TS/JS, Lua}
{code or log snippet}

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Hello @mengxin, yes it is indeed stored, we’ll update the docs accordingly.

@gabriel can we please add the following missing fields to the list:


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thanks, btw may i ask there is no way to contribute the doc after switch to the new doc framework without using the github repo right?

Currently there’s no way to receive public contributions to our docs, please point out any issues here and we’ll do our best to update them. We may change this in the future but it’s not a priority at the moment.