Does the query in StorageIndexList support sorting, and how?

Heroic Labs Documentation | Storage Search)-,Listing%20from%20an%20index,-%23
such as

name := "index_name"
query := "+value.field1:1 value.field2:foo"
limit := 10

err := nk.StorageIndexList(name, query, limit)

I want to sort by value.field1, how should I write the query? thanks @sesposito

Hello @hexun80149128, currently storage index listing does not support sorting the results.


Can you support the feature soon? Thanks. @sesposito
I found bluge support sorting。Sorting - Bluge Labs

Please open an issue with a feature request and we’ll consider adding it to our roadmap. PRs are also welcome :slight_smile:

StorageIndexList add order param by hexun80149128 · Pull Request #1168 · heroiclabs/nakama · GitHub @sesposito first pr,thanks you

Thank you for your contribution @hexun80149128, we may take some time to review it but we’ll get back to you.

@sesposito When can it be merged? thanks。