Listing from an index doc example method signature is different

const name = "index_name";
const query = "+value.field1:1 value.field2:foo";
const limit = 10;
const order = ["field_name"];

try {
    let objects = nk.storageIndexList(name, query, limit, order);
} (catch err) {
    // Handle error

nk.storageIndexList(name, query, limit, order);

but in the SDK:

         * List entries from an existing configured storage index.
         * @param indexName - Index to query.
         * @param query - The query to specify the index lookup criteria.
         * @param limit - The maximum number of results to retrieve from the index.
         * @param callerId - Opt. User ID of the caller, will apply permissions checks of the user. If empty defaults to system user and permissions are bypassed.
         * @returns A list of storage objects matching the query criteria.
         * @throws {TypeError, GoError}
        storageIndexList(indexName: string, query: string, limit: number, callerId?: string | void): StorageObject[];

so the last parameter is callerId?: string | void but the example in doc pass orders.

nakama: “nakama-runtime”: “github:heroiclabs/nakama-common#v1.31.0”

may i ask whether the order parameter is still supported or already sorted for the query?

seem like go

but typescript is different:

ah seem like i need to upgrade the nakama runtime right?

@mengxin yes that’s likely it