When login with "create=true" option, how can I know if this is newly created user or existed user?


after player login with client.AuthenticateFacebookAsync(auth, null, true)
I want to know if this account is freshly created or alreay existed account.
Is there anyway to check this?

I’m thinking about writing something to Storage engine and use it to check for existed account.
another way, just login with “create=false” and if we get error 404, that means user is new. then login again with create=true.

but I want to know if there’s more simple way to do it.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Hi @bodin,

as part of that function response you will find a created bool field, which should tell you if a new account was created or not.

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Hi ftkg,

Thank you very much, That’s what I’m looking for!

Have a nice day!