Welcome to the Heroic Labs forums

The Heroic Labs forums are an inclusive and respectful place where the Nakama community and Heroic Labs team hangout and where you can:

  1. get help with setting up your local development environment and designing your game with Nakama
  2. discuss the inner-workings of client libraries and the server runtime framework
  3. showcase your Nakama games and projects

If you would like more information on Nakama Enterprise, Heroic Cloud or assistance deploying or scaling Nakama please email hello@heroiclabs.com

Community Code of Conduct

To keep things running smoothly we have a few guidelines we expect everyone to follow:

  1. Be kind and patient when communicating with others. Many community members are volunteers and make take some time to respond to your question.
  2. Be specific and keep discussion topics to the defined categories.
  3. Be collaborative, share your experience and help grow the community.
  4. Do not spam or post third-party advertising. These posts will be deleted and may results in bans.
  5. Do not share sensitive of confidential information, all posts are public.

On occasion we may hide topics if they don’t fall into a defined category or have no community benefit e.g. a badly phrased question.

Lastly, the forums are free community resource. People gather here to help others and share their creations. While most questions do get answered, it is not possible to answer every question. The best way to get an answer is to follow the guidelines and ensure your question is succinct and contains the appropriate context.

What’s on-topic for discussions?

The forum categories are related to getting your local development environment setup and using Nakama to design and build your game. Each category has description of the expected discussion topics. If you’re not sure where to post, choose the most likely category.

Is this an official support forum?

No, this is a forum for public community discussion and collaboration. Heroic Labs team members are active on the forum, but anyone in the community is encouraged to share their experience and advice.

If you have an urgent production issue or are looking for 24x7 SLA-based support, contact us at support@heroiclabs.com.

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