How to write a good topic

The Heroic Labs community thrives when topics are well structured, understandable and informative.

Best practices for topics

  1. First search the forum to see if anyone else has posted a similar topic you could read or contribute to.
  2. Choose the appropriate category for your topic and stay on topic:
    • Showcase: Share your Nakama powered game or project with the community.
    • Game Design: Ask for game design input and development best practices.
    • Local Setup: Get help with your local development Nakama setup.
    • Client Libraries: Discussions about Nakama client libraries (SDKs) internals.
    • Runtime Framework: Discussions about Nakama’s Server Runtime Framework internals.
  3. Give your topic a descriptive title that summaries the content. Strive to write your question or statement as a complete sentence.
    • Good title: How can I build a bucketed leaderboard similar to Clash Royale?
    • Bad title: Clash Royale leaderboard
  4. Include relevant tags for Nakama features, client libraries or runtime framework languages covered in your topic.
  5. Follow each category’s topic template which will guide you to create a well structured topic.
  6. Proofread your topic to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  7. Format your written content using lists, quotes etc.
  8. Format code and logs using Discourse’s code blocks.
  9. Add appropriate images that make it easier to understand your topic content.
  10. Give credit to others if you are using their work whether it’s code, discussions etc.
  11. End with a call to action if you want others to respond to or engage with your topic.
  12. Don’t abandon your topic’s discussion, try responding in a timely manner.

Lastly, make sure to follow the Heroic Labs Community Code of Conduct. If your posts are repeatedly flagged by users or moderators for violating the Code of Conduct, you may receive a warning or suspension.