Watch, track and mute topic tags

The Heroic Labs community uses tags to annotate topics with the Nakama features, client libraries (SDKs) and server framework languages covered in the discussion.

You can setup tag notifications in the following ways:

  • watched tags: receive notifications for all new topics with these tags.
  • tracked tags: see a count of new replies for topics with these tags.
  • watching first post: receive notificaitons for the first post in topics with these tags.
  • muted tags: receive no notifications for topics with these tags.

If a topic has watched/tracked tags and muted tags you will still receive notifications for the watched/tracked tags.

You can setup your tag notificaitons by:

  1. Clicking your profile image in the top right
  2. Selecting the last “Prefereces” tab
  3. Clicking the “Preferences” link
  4. Selecting “Tags” under “Account” / “Notifications” in the left sidebar