Websocket auto scale

I want to signal webrtc peers with nakama server so dont host any game. player hosts their own game like in Haxball About . is nakama auto scalable? now I use websocket to signal webrtc I dont know what nakama use as master server.

scaling websocket is bit headache does nakama handle it? and It will be local

Sorry you need to clarify what you are intending to do here; Nakama can handle (and scale) your gameplay inside Nakama itself via Nakama Authoritative Multiplayer engine.

I meant I will not host game room or lobby, only master server which is nakama. I want to use nakama as signalling server but I dont know how it is scalable. does it create a new ec2 instance when it needed to make websocket server to scale? does it handle redis? how websocket servers communicate with each other if players on different servers?

For that you will need Nakama Enterprise Licence, as open source version doesn’t have out of stock horizontal scaling. It will take you a bit if you want to build it how they have built, but i would say it is not worthed but, go with vertical scalling as much as you can, once you hit the limit and if game is monetized well switch to their cloud and hosting, and then you will get horizontal scaling.