Users appear online when set to not appear

A quick question, when creating a socket with the unity client library, there’s the appearOnline-parameter. But not sure if it works, even when it’s set to false ListGroupUsersAsync still lists online users as online.

Am I missing something or could this be a bug?

Hi @nixarn! The appearOnline parameter controls whether or not the user has an initial status when they connect. This only reflects in the status API’s functions around following, unfollowing, and receiving realtime updates from followed users.

The user listing operations however observe in-app notifications connectivity to determine if a user is online, so there’s currently no easy way to appear offline in those API responses.

Perhaps we should instead observe the same online status that’s used by the status API - can you open a feature request on the Nakama repo so we can track this? Until that’s addressed (or a decision is made to leave it as is) and part of a new server release, you can consider this expected behaviour.


Oh right, I see, that makes sense. We’re happy how it is, I was just a bit confused why the appearOnline didn’t change the online status. Thanks for the clarification!

@zyro I agree. I think the server should be switched to observe the status event API instead of the notification API for online presence in the friend listings and group membership listings. It is clearer and more semantically correct. It’s also a backwards compatible change. :+1:

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@nixarn The change to use the user’s status presence rather than their notification presence to determine their online status to the friends and groups API was added as part of the 3.2.1 release: Release v3.2.1 · heroiclabs/nakama · GitHub .

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