Use database and redis

I want to create a game with a database that contains various download links for songs. Each player downloads a song, plays it, and earns a score. However, we want to have a leaderboard for each song. I was thinking of doing this with Redis. Is there a solution to achieve this without using Redis because there are many songs? Another point is that I have a database containing the songs. How can I transfer them to the game database?"

You can use Nakama Leaderboards to power the leaderboard without Redis. This is fine for many hundreds of millions of Leaderboard Records. You can also have a thousands+ of leaderboards.

For your songs, best to put them in a storage like S3, and put the links/manifests in Nakama storage object.

I was able to connect the unsuccessful database Postgres Nakama to Pgadmin and add table named “Songs” is this the correct way?
How can i read its categories and add them ? with Typescript or Unity.