Unreal request/response (http/1.1) problem

I am trying to get nakama and unreal work together. Therefore I followed the nakama-unreal client guide and setup a basic setting. I am trying to authenticate an user against the server. The cURL test works fine. My idea is to execute a request in the PreLogin Method of an Unreal GameMode class. The code looks like this:

auto loginFailedCallback = [&ErrorMessage](const NError& error)
  ErrorMessage = FString(error.message.c_str());
auto loginSucceededCallback = [](NSessionPtr session)
  UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Authentication successful"));
auto email = UGameplayStatics::ParseOption(Options, "email");
auto password = UGameplayStatics::ParseOption(Options, "password");

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Login attempt with: %s, %s"), *email, *password);
nakamaClient->authenticateEmail(TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*email), TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*password), "", false, {}, loginSucceededCallback, loginFailedCallback);

As the guide hints in the Tick section I execute a tick on the nakama client every game objects tick. My code runs and I get the “Login attempt with…” log message. But the request is never executed. Does anybody got an idea?


Probably loginFailedCallback is called but there is no log.

Good idea but I tried it with a log already. It seems not be called. I am on Windows btw

Check tick, is it really called?

That was the problem!
The nakama debug log stated me the auth was executed. I never thought of tick as the problem, rather some firewall related stuff.
Much thanks for your effort! :slight_smile: