Unlink account from Facebook after migration


I have an issue with account migration/migration reverse.

If a player had to migrate his account to an other one that is already linked to his facebook then what is the best process to cancel this migration if the same player remove the facebook link on one of his devices?

I would like the player to get back to his first account (device auth), not creat a new one.
The actual flow is:

  • Player starts game by device auth
  • Player can link his game account to his facebook and is asked to migrate it if needed
  • Player can unlink his game account from his facebook and is getting back his first game account (if migration took place)

For the migration i followed the code in the demo game: File Finder · GitHub

But there is no such example for revoking the migration, so i plan to do things like this:

But i’m not sure it’s good practices, could you please tell me the good way to go?