Unity - Error with RPC Function: RPC function not found

I have downloaded the demo Unity project from:

On top of this for POC for a physics game I am working on I am using Planck.ts

Here is my added code on main.ts in the server modules src folder


function SimulatePhysicsMovement() : string {

    let gravity = planck.Vec2(0.0, -10.0);
    const world = new planck.World({
        gravity: gravity

    let ground: planck.Body;
    let ball: planck.Body;

    //Creating the cricket pitch
    let groundDef = {
        position: planck.Vec2(0.0, 0.0)
    ground = world.createBody(groundDef);
    let groundBox = planck.Box(10.0, 1.0);
    ground.createFixture(groundBox, 0.0);

    //Creating the cricket ball
    ball = world.createBody({
        type: "dynamic",
        position: planck.Vec2(-20.0, 5.0)
    let ballCircle = planck.Circle(0.35);
    let ballFixtureDef = {
        shape: ballCircle,
        density: 1.0,
        friction: 0.3

    //Adding force to ball
    ball.applyForce(planck.Vec2(5.0, 0), ball.getWorldCenter());

    //Game Loop Calculation
    let timeStep = 1/60;
    let velocityIterations = 6;
    let positionIterations = 2;

    let allStates = "";

    for(let i = 0; i < 60; i++){
        world.step(timeStep, velocityIterations, positionIterations);
        let position = ball.getPosition();
        let angle = ball.getAngle();

        console.log(position.x, position.y, angle);
        allStates += `${position.x},${position.y}`;

    return allStates;

const rpcPhysicsRenderPOC: nkruntime.RpcFunction = 
        function(ctx: nkruntime.Context, logger: nkruntime.Logger, nk: nkruntime.Nakama, payload: string): string {       
            logger.info('Testing the calling of Physics RPC');
    return SimulatePhysicsMovement();

I am registering it in the initialiser as:

    initializer.registerRpc('physics_render_poc', rpcPhysicsRenderPOC);

Then from Unity Client I am accessing this as:

						var response = await _connection.Client.RpcAsync(_connection.Session, "physics_render_poc", "");

						Debug.Log("The Response from Physics POC RPC is: " + response.Payload);
					catch (ApiResponseException e)
						Debug.LogError("Couldn't get Physics Simulations: " + e.Message);

The Error response says:
Couldn’t get Physics Simulations: RPC function not found.

It seems to be according to the documentation only, not sure what I am doing wrong

NOTE: If I use any of the other RPCs which were present in the project, they are working…it is just the one I have added is not working

UPDATE: docker compose restart does not seem to be working. If I delete the containers as well as the images and start again then it is working

Are you running docker-compose up --build to make sure your changes are applied to the container?