Support for `process.env` in JS runtime

Hello there and thanks for providing this wonderful framework.

I am currently in the process of making my turn based Typescript backend Nakama / goja compatible and stumbled over a recurring annoyance: Some libraries test for process.env to decide which version to load and without extra care this simply crashes during startup. I tried workarounds like rollup plugins, changed my Typescript imports and ultimately decided to tackle the problem at the root. So I got in contact with the Goja devs (Support for `process.env`? · Issue #32 · dop251/goja_nodejs · GitHub) and provided a PR to hack in support that would stop process.env expressions from crashing (Minimal implementation to provide `process.env` by MarcusRiemer · Pull Request #33 · dop251/goja_nodejs · GitHub). At the most basic level required for my use case this was refreshingly simple.

Now once this got into goja I would obviously like to incorporate this into Nakama. This would mean to add a dependency to goja_nodejs in (probably) runtime_javascript_init.go. Would you welcome such a PR?

Hey @MarcusRiemer thank you for going through that process in order to make Goja and Nakama a better product. We would absolutely welcome that PR but may have some public discussion on the PR. Please tag @lugehorsam when you open it so I catch it.