Goja from nakama module

How to call goja functions of nakama?

Hello @skullptr,

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean?

hi @sesposito !

I wanted to compile some *.js code from Go and I was thinking about goja module. When I tried to compile it with the latest from github, I get a conflict between goja-s, since nakama has it’s own (older) version. And I guessed may be there is a way to call goja functions from nakama runtime, since it feels easier, than modifying *.mod.

Is there a workaround? Apologize in advance for silly questions. Still learning Go.

Ok I think I understand now, If you’re using goja inside your custom runtime code to be loaded by Nakama as a Go plugin, the goja version you declare in your custom code go.mod has to match that of Nakama’s version you’re using.

To be able to use the goja module inside your custom code you have to include it in your plugin dependencies.