StorageRead error with cockroachdb after upgrade to 3.17.0


We are getting errors when doing reads using the storage read api.

This is happening after upgrading to 3.17.0 and only with cockroachdb. Postgres is working fine. We have run the migrate up on the db and tested with a clean db.

The error we are getting is: cannot convert [–the collection name–] to Text. The error is happening on line 479 of core_storage.go.

	err := ExecuteRetryablePgx(ctx, db, func(conn *pgx.Conn) error {
		rows, _ := conn.Query(ctx, query, params...)
		defer rows.Close()
		funcObjects := &api.StorageObjects{Objects: make([]*api.StorageObject, 0, len(objectIDs))}
**479	for rows.Next() {
			o := &api.StorageObject{CreateTime: &timestamppb.Timestamp{}, UpdateTime: &timestamppb.Timestamp{}}
			var createTime pgtype.Timestamptz
			var updateTime pgtype.Timestamptz

I see the query has change so I suspect it’s comming from there. Inspecting the data I see that the arrays of parameters are string, string and uuid.UUID all of length 1.

Anyone else facing this issue?


Hi Andre; Can you please paste the entire error stack please? If sensitive info, feel free to email - thank you!

Hello @AndreParodi,

Thank you for reporting it. It seems to be an issue in how the driver serializes the arrays passed to it. I will look more into it and get back to you.