Could not read storage objects. {"error": "cannot convert [testcollection] to Text"}

when import json as storage。 json file like this:

	"collection": "items",
	"key": "item_1",
	"value": {
		"name": "Sword",
		"damage": 10
	"permission_read": 2,
	"permission_write": 1,
	"user_id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

then i go to Nakama Console User storage
i got

then i run TestStorageWriteRuntimeGlobalSingle in core_storage_test.go

my db is cockroachdb, use dock compose up .

can anybody tell me why?

Hello @jiangben, please see Unable to read after storage_write in Lua, update your CRDB version and retry.

cockroachdb/cockroach:latest-v23.1 i use this version ?it is that OK?

yes, that version should work