Storage: Max size in megabytes

What is the maximum message size for the nakama storage engine?

I want to make a game where people can store images and those can be multiple megabytes. Is that no problem?

Hi, the storage objects are stored in jsonb postgres columns which can theoretically store up to 255 megabytes but storing binary data like images would require encoding/decoding them and huge objects in the db can cause contention issues if not in a complete isolation. It is much better to store only references to external assets - Here is a guide on managing assets: Nakama: Asset Management | Heroic Labs Documentation

Thanks a lot.
I now intend to store vector representation of the images as text. That would mostly be smaller. Can the database handle something like that better?

Hey @kragil our recommendation is still to use a large object store like S3. You may try using the storage engine however we don’t guarantee it will perform well at scale.