SSL handshake/fingerprint - Godot

I’ve got my CockroachDB running in secure mode and Nakama is connected to it with arguments socket.ssl_certificate and socket.ssl_private_key (using self-signed fornow). But now the problem is on the client’s end in Godot. I switched the scheme to HTTPS and that got a response from the server but it fails the handshake since I haven’t provided anything about the certificate.

I have the fingerprint, how do I use it (from Godot) to satisfy the connection to Nakama?

@Shikadi Its best to open an issue on the client SDK. I’m not sure how you make the Godot engine bypass the certificate store to allow your self-signed certificate to work. Is there a reason you’ve used a self-signed certificate rather than one that’s free from a service like LetsEncrypt?