SOLVED: login error: "ApiResponseException: Custom ID is already in use."

I’ve had a login process that has worked well for a while, although without making any changes in the code I started getting the error: “ApiResponseException: Custom ID is already in use.” when I try to login.

The error hits at this line in the code: await client.LinkCustomAsync(UserSession, deviceId);
where UserSession = await client.AuthenticateEmailAsync(email, password, username);

I deleted all previously created accounts to see if there was just some error with one of the accounts still logged in or something, although that didn’t fix it. Any idea why this all of a sudden started happening?

UPDATE: No error when I build to my Quest and run it there. The issue only stops the login process from inside the Unity Editor.

SOLUTION: I had created another user with the same email, and this needs to be cleared out in the “Users” table of the database, not the “Storage” table.