Error trying to auth Godot

extends Node

var client : NakamaClient
var session : NakamaSession
var socket : NakamaSocket
var username = "example"
var play_service

func _ready():
	if Engine.has_singleton("GodotPlayGamesServices"):
		play_service = Engine.get_singleton("GodotPlayGamesServices")

		play_service.init(true, true, true, "id)
		play_service.connect("_on_sign_in_success", self, "ConnectToNakama")
		play_service.connect("_on_sign_in_failed", self, "_on_sign_in_failed")

		play_service.signIn() # <-

func _on_sign_in_failed(status:int) -> void:
func ConnectToNakama(account_id:String) -> void:
	client = Nakama.create_client('defaultkey', "ip", 7351,
	'http', 3, NakamaLogger.LOG_LEVEL.ERROR)
	session = yield(client.authenticate_device_async(account_id, username), 'completed')
	if session.is_exception():
		print("connection has failed " + session.exception.message)
	socket = Nakama.create_socket_from(client)
	yield(socket.connect_async(session), "completed")

DEBUG === Freeing request 1
01-15 22:52:00.542 20046 20263 I godot : === Nakama : DEBUG === Request 1 returned response code: 404, RPC code: 5, error: Not Found
01-15 22:52:00.542 20046 20263 I godot : connection has failed Not Found
This is My code I’m a beginner so don’t roast me :< Basically, it connects with google, then takes the id of the user and tries to make an account but I get this error: “connection has failed Not Found”
What can I do what’s the problem? It tries to create an account but I get that error. What can I do?

It looks like this line is missing a quotation mark.

Also, you’ll want to connect to port 7350 as this is the REST port.