Socket Disconnect

While playing game socket gets disconnected some time even on proper internet connection?

  • Can you describe the issue with errors or output of the client and server?
  • Are you on Wifi/4g?
  • What client device(s) are we talking about there?

Without more info, it’s impossible to help with your issue.

We are having a similar issue. Lots of players complain about it, stating they often randomly get disconnected after 3 or 5 mins of the play session. This issue normally happens on android devices, haven’t received many reports on the windows version. After some investigation, we found players having this issue normally have very limited bandwidth for their internet connection (about 4 Mbits), But they state they can play other games just fine instead of our game.

Engine: Unreal 4.24.3
Client SDK: v2.4.1
Server: v3.5.0, hosting on Heroic Cloud, us-east1

1.while playing socket gets disconnected some time but player is present on Active Matches. cant send
state messages or some time gets terminate.
2.We are using wifi.
3.Working on mac mini.

@kcmonkey Thanks - I believe there is another thread open with us, I’ll leave the conversation to continue from there.

@0102 - There could be a multitude of reasons why the client gets disconnected from the server, starting with [too much] latency on your connection, large packet sizes etc. Without actual error messages (both from the client and server) I cannot help you.