Server to service communication

Hi guys,

I looked at this topic to handle server to server call.

And the example show that port 7350 was used.

I also saw that server configuration has config for gRPC port, default value is 7349.

So are there any way to use this grpc API server to serve server-to-server call?

Yes it’s possible to use the gRPC API to support server-to-server communications. You’ll need to use the service definition defined here and run it through the proto toolchain. This will generate the appropriate code you can then use to connect and send/receive data as required.

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Thank @tom,
So that I need to fork and custom the new nakama image. Is it right?

No, there’s no need to fork Nakama.

I’d like to try and understand your use case for communicating between servers via gRPC. Can you give me a run down of what it is you’re trying to achieve? That way I can try and assist you in finding the optimal solution.