Server Function To List Parties


I would like to know if there is any function present in server framework which gives me a list of open parties. I am using the party system in my game and sharing the created party id on social media platforms but the issue here is that party id is too long so it is a bit inconvenient for the user to copy and paste such a long id. I fixed this similar issue when creating a match by generating a unique 6 character code and placed it in match properties however I can’t find any similar solution when it comes to party.

Hi @hamzaRetrocube,

We have a few suggestions in our documentation for sharing Party IDs (Heroic Labs Documentation | Parties); however we don’t currently have a Find Party API as you’ve mentioned.

You could create a record in the Storage Engine that stores a reference to a Party ID and is keyed by a unique 6 character code for example. This way your players could share the shorter code and internally you would lookup the actual party ID via the storage engine. If you go down this route I would recommend you delete the storage object when the party is disbanded so that you don’t end up with redundant data being stored.

I also want to covert large weird id to a small 6 digit unique id.

How to get the party-id in RTAfterParty hook?

If it’s not possible with RT before/after hook should I add a new RPC which basically do this conversion of 6 digit id.