Running golang and typescript together not working in heroic cloud dev instance



  • I have 2 heroic cloud nakama instances, dev and production
  • I want to deploy extension functions in both javascript and golang runtimes
  • dev instance is only showing golang functions, not javascript
  • prod instance is showing both runtime’s functions as expected

Long explanation:
I have a Nakama server runtime module written in Go, which holds several extension functions. We need to move some of those functions to a TypeScript runtime. For deployment, we have a GitHub repository with the following structure at the root:

├── build
│   └── index.js

We have a builder in Heroic Cloud that picks up this repo from GitHub and deploys it. So far, 99% of the work has been on the Go runtime, and deployment has worked perfectly in all our environments. However, today, after moving the code to the JavaScript file, I noticed the JS functions are not showing up in the API Explorer in the dev instance, only golang functions show up, though the production instance is showing both js and golang functions. We’re using the same builder and artifacts for both instances.

Is there a limitation regarding dev instances that may prevent running both runtimes?

Needless to say, I don’t see any errors during builds or deployments; it’s just the dev instance not showing the JS functions in the API Explorer (golang extensions are indeed shown), I didn’t set up the js code or the production instance, that was work done by a colleague that’s gone (who also made the initial js script with some exntesion funtions), I only set up the dev instance and focused on golang code, so I’m not sure if I’m missing a step.

Hello @ezl87,

Have you followed the guidelines here: Best Practices - Heroic Labs Documentation and set the runtime.js_entrypoint config option?

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