Hiro for Typescript server runtime

Is there a plan to create Hiro for the Typescript nakama server runtime ? and if so an approximate timeline estimate ?

There are no plans to release Hiro as a TypeScript module at this time. Hiro is a production ready and highly performant Go module that sits on top of Nakama. You can access the Hiro server functions from other Go modules within your Nakama project, however we do not have plans to expose these functions to TypeScript or Lua runtimes currently. We do however have a Hiro TypeScript client SDK which you may find useful.

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thanks Tom, if we run the Nakama typescript server runtime, are there any options to work with Hiro at all in that case ? forgive me, I don’t know exactly how the 2 systems connect to each other yet

Absolutely. You can run the Hiro binary on your Nakama server in tandem with your custom TypeScript runtime code. You can then access all of the Hiro functionality you need on the client via our Hiro TypeScript Client SDK (or whichever client Unity/Unreal/TypeScript fits your project).

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