Restore Session in Dart using AuthToken or a String key?

In Unity sample you can restore session by saving its authToken and retrieve it via prefs because it is a string like on the fish game example.

      var authToken = PlayerPrefs.GetString(SessionPrefName);
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(authToken))
            var session = Nakama.Session.Restore(authToken);
            if (!session.IsExpired)
                this.session = session;

But in Dart it is asking for a session object which I can’t just simply save to a preference to refresh a session as said in the documentation.

try {
    final session = await client.sessionRefresh(
        session: expiringSession,
} catch(e) {
    print('Error refreshing the session');

Since this session is a runtime object, how I can refresh it if the app is closed and launch again?

Hello @Shuin, it seems like there’s no equivalent function in the Dart SDK at the moment, would you consider contributing with a Pull Request?

@sesposito Done submitting a PR, just waiting it to be approved.